About Us

Who we are

VELOUR VELD is a Dubai based company ready to serve mama Africa. The name VELOUR VELD stands for VELOUR meaning the color Velvet which shows luxury, and Veld is an uncultivated green grass which also stands for another term of Africa. This green grass stands as a reminder of strength and endurance in the face of adversity. From its ability to grow anywhere and withstand tough weather, it is an embodiment of Africa’s ability to overcome any challenge that comes its way. Africa is home to an abundance of resources and cultural heritages that span many centuries. These are the traditions that have been shared throughout the ages, forming the building blocks for strong communities So no matter how difficult things become, the veld of Africa stands strong as a sign of hope and optimism. We help you to realize meaningful growth transformation and deliver substantial value today and tomorrow. we are dedicated to providing meaningful growth and transformation solutions to help you make the most out of your business today and into the future. We strive to develop customized solutions that deliver substantial value for your business, allowing you to keep up with an ever-evolving market In Africa. Our team of experienced professionals are passionate about developing effective strategies and tailored services to make sure that you can make the most out of the current economic environment. 

Our Mission

To show the luxury Africa that’s rich in culture and heritage, to reintroduce Africa as one of the greatest continent.

Our Vision

To Connect the African market with the Middle East, by establishing international initiative.

Meet The Owners

Meron Getahun

Meron Getachun is an Economist and a co-founder of Greentech Africa, an instrumental in organizing major events across Africa that focus on promoting environmental advocacy and tackling air pollution in the continent.


Yoadan Epherem is an well known talented Ethiopian artist and Co-founder of Qemer a premium, Afrocentric fashion line, Ozian Film And Advertising Company and JEON Lip Glossy


Sweet Epherem is an international model, influencer, brand communication strategist and Co-founder of JEON Lip Gloss.

Since the inception of the Excellence Award ceremony and its program, the team at Velour Veld, has been our valued partners. We have closely worked with their professional and passionate teams to deliver communication strategies that create awareness and generate genuine interest on all aspects of the Award’s program and its profound value. As we continue to progress our relationship with the team into premiering the first award edition, their dedication, passion and hard work are the corner stones of validated opportunities and excellent leadership.

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